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Can People with Crohn’s Disease Eat Fruit?

Like all diseases, Crohn’s disease will not cause the same symptoms in each individual. Those with the disease will have different reactions to foods, including fruit. The key is to pay attention to the body’s reaction, and adjust accordingly.


  • While the fiber in fruit is essential to a healthy diet, it may make the pain of diarrhea for Crohn’s disease patients worse. The Mayo Clinic suggests steaming, baking or stewing the fruits first.


  • Citrus fruits typically cause more gas than other fruits, so oranges, grapefruits and lemons should be avoided or consumed with caution.


    • Crohn’s disease patients should eat small portions of fruit throughout the day to decrease the risk of inflammation.

Expert Insight

  • The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends eating fruits as part of a healthy diet to “reduce symptoms and make recurrences of the disease less likely.”


  • When you do eat fruit, record the type and time in a food journal, and consult it when your symptoms flare up to find the cause.


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